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           Music.iLuv Launches Augmented-Reality Social Musical Platform that Focuses On the Next-Generation Artists


New App Engages Users to Increase Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills while Learning How to Create Practice and Play Music in engaging and collaborative AR environment 


SAN JOSE, CA — January 23, 2019 — Music.iLuv, the brainchild of powerhouse female entrepreneurs, Melody Khair and Moji Ghodousi, announces the launch of its new mobile augmented-reality (AR) social musical application that enhances kids’ learning, creativity, problem-solving skills, musicality, and real-life interactions. Usable on an iPad and iPhone, Music.iLuv is a next generation music application for future artists to create, practice and play music in a fun, engaging, collaborative, and affordable AR environment. Invented by Khair, CEO of Music.iLuv, who co-developed the Music.iLuv app with Moji Ghodousi, Music.iLuv COO, this exciting new digital experience comes from a passion for music and children—will be showcased at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, Jan. 24-27, 2019, Booth 10100.


“Essentially, the Music.iLuv app solves the lack-of-focus problem plaguing digital-age kids when it comes to any subjects they find hard and requires a lot of practice, including music. That mindset is what leads them to drop out of music under the false assumption that they are not talented enough,” said Khair. “While 64% of kids in the U.S. do get some form of music education, there is a staggering 50% chance that they will drop out after only one to two years. Moji and I are driven to change that trend with Music.iLuv. Our goal is to foster a love for learning and appreciating music in young people everywhere that incorporates creativity and newer methodology for learning and remaining engaged.”


How it works:


Users can choose a song from Music.iLuv’s song library (popular songs licensed), add their own song and music sheet with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, or even create a song using Music.iLuv. Then, they can practice the song in a fun and engaging environment, where they get “live” and immediate feedback on note and timing mistakes. Visual aids are also available to help kids play an instrument if they have no previous experience, such as learning what key to press or what string to play. They can record their audio files and later on sync it with their friends recording too.


As kids use the app, they get rewarded for their song creation or practice in the form of virtual coins. The coins can then be redeemed to purchase a wide variety of musical digital-goods from the app’s AR store. These include 3D virtual bands, Orchestra, 3D objects, favorite characters, musical accompaniments, rhythms, music loops, their own recorded audio or song, and more. Users can also opt to perform in an AR environment along with their friends and virtual bands. They can also merge and sync their created songs to form a band or orchestra.


Along with the ability to add their recordings or their friends’ recordings to the AR, kids can also create a music video or album of their own music, where they also get to enjoy learning how to record, produce, and do sound mixing. What’s more, the video can be shared with family and friends on either the app’s built-in safe social media, or on any external social media platform.


“This approach to learning how to play an instrument is groundbreaking, and will engage and enhance the experience for the next generation of musical talent,” added Khair. “And the Music.iLuv app is not only for kids. Music lovers of all ages who’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, or who want to brush up on rusty skills, will love what this app has to offer. The app allows normal people to create songs together, and share it with family, friends or fans.”


Music.iLuv is the only company that has proprietary algorithms for performing polyphonic pitch detection with high accuracy. The company has multiple patent-pending technologies in pitch detection, AR, OCR, and AI. Khair and Ghodousi also received the prestigious SBIR Phase I grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation for social-impacting research & technology.


The science behind the app:


The Music.iLuv app is backed by research done at Harvard University and the University of Southern California on what motivates digital-age kids, how they learn and behave, and what learning processes they prefer.


“According to leading research*, musical training has the power to generate improvements in a wide variety of skills, including memory and spatial learning,” said Ghodousi. “To add to that, language skills such as verbal memory, literacy, and verbal intelligence also benefit immensely from musical training.”


Music.iLuv was developed with the expertise of the following esteemed advisors: Robert Cutietta, Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music and Dance, University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and author of the book, "How to Raise Musical Kids." Dr Umida Avloni, Ph.D. from Uzbek Institute of Arts (USSR). Her expertise is in piano, music theory and composition; Dr Sven Dickinson, Professor and past Chair of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada; and Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO of Quantenna Communications, who is a widely-recognized leader in electrical engineering technology. He serves as an adviser on both business and technology development for the Music.iLuv app. He also provides proven expertise in pitch detection.


Music.iLuv is currently in a pilot program in two South Bay Area schools. The results of the pilot programs are slated to be released in 2019.


Animation promo: Video here.

Demo available: For a demo of the Music.iLuv app, please click on Video here.


Music.iLuv is available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone users: Download here.



About Music.iLuv:

Music.iLUV is based in San Jose, CA, is an augmented-reality (AR) social music technology company. The app is for kids and music lovers of all ages, and designed to make music, creation, practice, and performance engaging, easy, self-directed, collaborative, and affordable to all – in a safe digital environment. Using the Music.iLuv app, kids or adults can create and practice a song while getting immediate feedback on mistakes. Users can also perform in the AR environment with their friends, virtual bands, orchestra, and favorite characters while adding music accompaniments, loops, mix beat, and their own recorded song or audio. Additionally, users can record music videos or albums and share songs and videos with friends and family in the app’s built-in safe social media, or on any external social media platform. Music.iLuv also enables users to connect with other artists and the fan base they build.


Music.iLUV has multiple patent-pending technologies in pitch detection, AR, OCR, and AI. The revolutionary new app is available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone users: Download Here.  For further information, please visit:


*Washington Post: The science of why music improves our memory and verbal intelligence




Media Contacts:

Victoria Sanchez De Alba (650) 270-7810 /

De Alba Communications (for Music.iLuv)


Chase Roberts (415) 385-8072 /

Chase Roberts Creative Services (for Music.iLuv)

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