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4 Tips and Tools to Improve Your Child’s Music Practice

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

It’s the third day in a row that you’ve looked over at the piano bench and found it empty. Your kid was supposed to be practicing, but somehow after only five minutes they needed a snack, or maybe they got distracted by the dog and are now engaged in a frantic tug of war game.

Maybe these details aren’t quite right. Maybe instead of piano, your child plays the flute. Or perhaps they managed to focus for ten minutes instead of five. Maybe you own a cat instead of a dog. Either way, a similar story repeats itself over and over: your child does not want to practice their instrument.

So what do you do?

There is no simple answer. No magic formula to follow that will make them sit down and focus for half an hour straight. But there are somethings you can do to encourage them.

1. Set goals Talk to your child about what their teacher wants them to learn, and make plans to work towards this goal each day. Goal setting is a great way to make practice more meaningful and to focus the practice time, making your child more productive.

2. Encourage focus

Although setting goals is important, the length of the practice time is also crucial. Encourage your child to not only stick to their goals, but also to stay focused for as long as possible. Your child will have the best focus if their practice time is engaging and fun. Make practice time exciting, and they will want to keep going for a long time!

3. Create a good practicing environment No one wants to practice music if there’s a T.V. playing in the room or if they see their siblings playing a fun game. Your child’s practice time should be the most exciting thing going on at that moment. Engage their creativity, and you’ll make them focus better too!

4. Reward! These rewards don’t have to be material things, but they could be. The goal is to make your child excited about reaching each milestone. Rewarding your child, even if it’s just by praising them, will make them proud of their work, and they will want to keep practicing and improving.

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